Breathtaking... all that such festivals are supposed to be: funny, boundary-pushing, thought-provoking.

– critic Jeff Spevak following Peter Ferry's recital at the Rochester Fringe Festival

Multimedia collaborations are regularly integrated into the performance to deepen the audience's concert experience. Ferry's collaborators include video artists, playwrights, photographers, glass artists, and even computer programmers allowing for audience interactive pieces (through cell phone use during performances).

Diving into contemporary repertoire, Ferry's performances showcase the wide-ranging compositional voices of our time, each responding to our shared circumstances in unique and engaging ways.

Highlighting an immense variety of percussion instruments Ferry's recital programs demonstrate the full spectrum of percussive sounds from the lush sonorous qualities of the marimba to the intoxicating rhythmic nature of the drums, even including the unexpected noises and tones of junkyard trash.